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Caljan launches telescopic ventilation system

Caljan, a global leader in telescopic conveyors, launches an innovative telescopic ventilation system designed to improve operator working conditions in varying climates. The new solution will benefit workers in regions that experience extreme heatwaves or cold temperatures, not only ensuring a safer and more comfortable working environment all year round, but also maintaining the productivity.


Over the past few years, we've seen an increase in severe heatwaves in Europe and other parts of the world, drawing attention to the urgent need to improve working conditions. Countries like France, Italy, Portugal, and Germany have already introduced different rules and guidelines to protect workers from the dangers of working in extreme temperatures. While crucial for worker safety, these regulations present challenges for businesses aiming to maintain operational efficiency and productivity.


"We see that businesses often struggle to find a one-size-fits-all solution to meet the new ambient temperature regulations. If they can't ensure the right temperature, companies must provide extra breaks for operators, which, in turn, creates inefficiencies. With the new telescopic ventilation system, we aim to help them improve the working environment while complying with local regulations regarding cold and hot working conditions," says Jan Nørgaard, VP of Aftermarket at Caljan.


The telescopic ventilation system is particularly valuable in extreme conditions, where ensuring the well-being of operators and associates is a top business priority, such as inside semitrailers and overseas containers where temperatures can soar above 37°C. It's also a compact and cost-effective solution, which is an important business consideration in today's economy, allowing companies to use the ventilation system as a retrofit solution and for new telescopic conveyors.


The system has been manufactured according to all machinery directives and standards, and Caljan has successfully tested it with the company's customers globally.

“So far, we've received positive results from Australia, which suggest that it does make a difference to the frontline workers in a climate where 38% of the population face a high risk from extreme heat, and that's just the beginning. In the future, as temperatures continue to rise globally, occupational health will become increasingly important, and more companies will look to implement telescopic ventilation systems into their operations to maintain productivity and ensure the working environment meets local and global regulations," shares Nørgaard.

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