Reducing carbon footprint

Good for the environment. Good for your economy.

Reduce CO2 emisions by switching from pallets to loose cargo. Fill trailers with the goods you want to move, rather than packaging.

Reduce the need for plastic

When parcels are stacked on pallets they must be wrapped, so they remain in place when the pallet is moved. Approx 14 metres of plastic wrap are used for each pallet. With 26 pallets in an average trailer, this converts to 364 metres of plastic wrap per trailer.

If the cargo is parcels, packages and/or polybags, loose-loading is the greener option. It makes sense for your economy too.

Fewer vehicles required

When parcels, packages and polybags are loaded loose into trailers, there is no need for pallets. This means there is a space saving. On average this converts into 8,000 extra parcels in each trailer.

Increasing capacity in each trailer will reduce the number of vehicles required. This could mean you have 20 fewer lorries on the road each week — a significant saving when transport is the largest part of your carbon footprint.