Handling paperwork automatically

To match customer expectations every second counts. Speed up delivery times by reducing the time spent on manual paperwork.

Documents placed automatically
— at high speed

Integrate document handling into your conveyor flow for top flexibility. Documents are printed seconds before they are placed in the appropriate container for complete accuracy. Even at high speeds, the match between documents and container is perfect.

An easy way to shorten the process from picking through to dispatch.

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Merge paperwork swiftly and effortlessly

If you want to add paperwork to  orders prior to despatch, Print & Merge is the answer. Delivery notes, return slips and even preprinted brochures are automatically merged with orders before they are bagged. Without disrupting the fragile balance of the stacked objects, papers are simply added from below as items speed along the conveyor belt.

Papers are not printed until last minute, leaving ample room for last minute changes to all orders. Not a second is wasted on mixed paperwork or lapses in communication.

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Increase B2B shipping efficiency by

as much as 600%

Even the best workers need about 30-40 seconds on average to handle a despatch note manually. Switching to full automation means you can do it in just six seconds!

Printing, folding, and inserting documents into the pouch is a time-costly affair. Not only that, but the process is also highly vulnerable to misunderstandings and human errors. By automating the process, you can increase efficiency with up to 600%.

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