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Why Caljan?

If you haven’t come across the name Caljan before, you may be asking “Why Caljan?” or “What can Caljan do for me?” To answer these questions quite simply, we help parcel carriers, retailers and manufactures around the world handle loose cargo efficiently. In fact, we consider it our mission to improve industrial safety and productivity through quality and innovation.

So – how can we help you with the challenges you are facing within logistics? 
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We make it easy

Are you weighed down by narrow delivery windows and strict deadlines? We can help relieve some of the stress put on you and your employees. Using highly engineered logistics automation technology, we optimise your supply chain. Throughput is effectively increased and cost per parcel is reduced.

No matter the challenge, we make your job easier. Logistics equipment and solutions are configured and custom-built to match the exact requirements of your application. Whether you are looking for a labelling system to smooth the path of a growing ecommerce, or you want to boost your unloading/loading process, we have the answer to your challenge.

Increase throughput and reduce costs
Caljan products have always been characterised by high quality. Every machine, since the very first were delivered to us in 1994 have been testimony to this fact.

Mr. Vocke, Depot Manager,
DPD Raunheim

The Caljan systems are transparent and we can access the technology. We get excellent support whenever we need it.

Maik Burkart, Technical Manager,
Material Flow at Zalando

Caljan is not just a supplier, they are a partner. We always discuss possibilities and potential problems before deciding on a solution.

Marcel De Kelver, Engineering, Maintenance and Facilities Manager, DHL Aviation

We improve your work environment

Handling countless of packages every day can take its toll on your workforce. The cargo may be heavy, the movements are repetitive, and the work hours are long. Just imagine what a lifetime of performing such tasks can do to your body, if appropriate equipment isn't available.

We can help you create a safe and comfortable work environment, so you reduce the risk of accidents and strain injuries. Not only does that mean fewer sick days for your company, it also makes it easier to attract and retain employees.

Keep your workforce safe

We’ve got you covered - always

Choosing Caljan is a solid investment. Whether you need an automatic solution or a Telescopic Conveyor, Caljan helps you prepare for the future. Being prepared for the unexpected can be crucial to your business.  

However, investing in the right equipment is not enough. Maintaining it is just as important. With a Caljan service agreement, we keep your logistics running smoothly for years on end.

Being confident in performance goes a long way to getting peace of mind.

Maintain your assets for a lifelong performance