Improving the logistics work environment

Statistics relating to accidents and work-related illness in the loading zone of warehouses, hubs, and distribution centers indicate that the work environment in this area is often poor. Freight, stock, and material movers have the HIGHEST numbers of days away from work due to musculoskeletal disorders, such as overexertion.

Some of the factors contributing to these statistics are the number of lifts each day, the weight of the items being lifted and the pace of work. Improve the work environment of your business in a few simple steps, to increase job satisfaction and reduce sick days.

Improving safety can increase efficiency

Making the work environment brighter can prevent knocks and falls. Lifting an employee up so that he/she can work at height, reduces the need for stretching. We call this working within the Power Zone.
Better lighting, more comfortable temperatures, and healthier working postures will help your employees perform demanding tasks without worrying about their safety.
A healthier work environment goes hand in hand with increasing efficiency, which is a MUST in every high-competitive business environment.

Guidelines to handling loose cargo safely

Make loading and unloading easier

Loading and unloading vehicles is hard physical work. If the task is performed full-time and no technical aid is applied — or if existing aids are not used appropriately — the work can be incapacitating. Movements tend to be repetitive, done quickly and performed for long periods of time which makes the logistics work environment particularly harsh.

Work related injuries and health hazards can be avoided, when technical aids are applied. Telescopic Conveyors reduce injuries caused by improper lifting, repetitive movements and over-exertion.

SAFE equipment for EASY unloading

Use Caljan EXPRESS Snoot to make loading and unloading easier. By using the Express Snoot, you reduce unloading time by at least 27% - while protecting your workers from injuries.

Risk and safety go hand in hand

Naturally, creating a healthy work environment means removing all risks to the worker operating the equipment. For that reason, Caljan products go through an extensive screening process to identify and eliminate the potential risks that follow using our products. Not only that, workers employing Caljan products must be properly trained in how to manage our solutions to avoid inexpedient usage, which could cause potential injuries.

Reduce risks with Caljan Telescopics