Automatic Loading & Unloading

Reduce the costs of recruitment, training and sickness without compromising on delivery. Automating the loading and unloading process increases throughput, while letting your employees work where they add value.

Add human touch where it's needed

High turnover rates can hurt your business. The constant process of hiring and training new employees is not only expensive, it can also damage the moral of your workforce.

By automating the (un)loading process, you reduce cost and energy spent on recruitment. Having the right, technical aids will also make the job easier and more motivating for the supervisor in charge of the task.
Retaining loyal employees will benefit your bottom line.

More ways to make it easier for your workforce 

Increasing your workforce does not always increase efficiency

Adding more people to the team does not guarantee you a greater level of productivity. On the contrary, having too many points of communication can lead to time wasted on poor planning and coordination. During the Covid-pandemic the fewer the people the better, so social distancing can be maintained.

Make it easy for employees to deliver on time. Optimize your process — let Caljan AutoLoader and AutoUnloader fill and empty trailers for you.


No manpower, no delays — smooth and simple loading.

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Note: Demonstration video. Filmed indoors with transparent trailer to show conveyor functionality.

Fewer people — fewer risks

People who work in high-pressure  environments run a greater risk of error and injury. Strict deadlines may prompt them to cut corners where they otherwise wouldn’t, jeopardizing their personal safety to complete the task at hand.

Automating parts of the logistics process makes it easier for your employees to manage their workload. By reducing the amount of physical work, you reduce both the risk of accidents and the likelihood of strain injuries.

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