Stock Telescopic Conveyor Spares

— and don't get caught short

Critical spare parts kit

Keeping spare parts for your Telescopic Conveyors on-site means they are readily available whenever a breakdown occurs. The service technician can begin repairs immediately. Downtime is reduced to a minimum.

Based on decades of experience, our Service specialists have put together a standard critical spare parts kit for every type and size of Caljan Telescopic Conveyor.

Many customers prefer to order a critical spare parts kit when they purchase their Telescopic Conveyor to be sure the spares are on-site from day 1.

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Insight is key to being prepared

When a preventive maintenance program is followed, the service technician is able to monitor the condition of the equipment at regular intervals. This knowledge is key to being prepared.

Spares can be ordered in good time and the worn parts can be replaced at a convenient time. No disruption during busy periods and no extended downtime due to unforseen spares being required.

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