Automatic Document Handling

Cuts lead times between order and shipment

Automating warehouse management has cut costs considerably. Would you like to handle shipping papers with the same cost-efficiency? Caljan has developed a range of products designed specifically to handle shipping papers as part of the automated despatch process. We call it Automatic Document Handling.

Our Automatic Document Handling Solutions print delivery notes, invoices, return labels, etc. as required, placing them automatically inside boxes, on top of packages, or even underneath items — as they flow rapidly along the conveyor belt. No time is wasted matching documents to shipments.

All Caljan Automatic Document Handling Solutions are developed to meet your specific requirements. We take care of ALL aspects throughout the project. Your Automatic Document Handling Solution is fully tested at our facility before installation. Onsite, we integrate the Automatic Document Handling Solution into your conveyor line. You sign off on the project only when everything is running according to the specification.

We are so confident in our ability to satisfy, that we guarantee throughput on the Automatic Document Handling Solution installed.

First and foremost, the quality of Caljan equipment leaves a lasting impression: Functionality is as promised — always.
Outstanding performance is driven by high customer expectations.



Wieland Wegge
Vice President, Document Handling & Labelling Division

Print & Place

Inserts individual documents inside tote or parcel

Pick lists, delivery notes, invoices, remittance orders, etc., are printed micro-seconds before being placed in the consignment. Any adjustments are included. Data is up-to-the-minute and accurate.

In addition to accurate documents, you can be sure the documents are placed in the correct receptacle, even at high speeds.

See Print & Place details

Print & Merge

Merges order with shipping papers, as it travels on the conveyor

Eliminate the cost of manually inserting pre-printed shipping documents into customer orders. With Caljan Print and Merge system, relevant documents are printed when the customer purchase is on its way to be packed. No pile-up of mixed paperwork and no risk of inadvertently picking the wrong documents.

See Print & Merge in action

Print & Pouch

Documents on the EXTERIOR of parcels

This fully-automatic document handling system is the modern, cost-effective way to handling shipping papers. Consignment specific papers are printed on demand, then folded and placed in a document pouch. The carrier specific freight label is printed directly on the document pouch. No manual handling is required and no mistakes are made. 

See Print & Pouch in action