Droop Snoot — a Caljan Performer Function

Unload or load trailers / containers efficiently and ergonomically

The Droop Snoot articulating conveyor extension can be fitted to ALL Caljan Performer sizes.
Equipped with a standard control panel, the operator uses a smart pad to raise or lower the Droop Snoot into an appropriate position.
Pivoting vertically through ±30° Droop Snoot reaches down to the floor and up to the ceiling. With little effort, the operator can load or unload loose cargo ergonomically.

Easy to use. Easy to own.

Keep an optimal working position at all times

The operator simply moves the articulating conveyor up and down, so he/she can ease loose-loaded cargo onto the conveyor belt. Once the item is eased onto the ergonomic front panel, the high-grip belt takes care of the rest. Loading and unloading becomes much easier as there is no stretching and minimal movement.  

Use with small and large vehicles

Parcels can easily be placed at height, utilizing the whole of the vehicle and saving on transport costs. When the fleet includes vans and similar small vehicles, Droop Snoot articulating conveyor can be lowered below floor level. This flexibility means vehicles of ANY size can be loaded or unloaded through standard loading bay doors.

Store upright for easy door access

When the Telescopic Conveyor is not in use, the Droop Snoot articulating conveyor extension can be stored in an upright position. This allows free passage between the conveyor and the door.

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Watch Caljan Droop Snoot in action

The Caljan Performer conveyor shown below is fitted on powered castors, so that it can serve multiple doors.
Note how packages are dragged onto the articulating conveyor, instead of lifted. The belt does the work, not the operator.

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