Refurbish and sweat your assets

Extend the lifetime of your Telescopic Conveyors and get the full return on your investment

When you handle high volumes of parcels each day, your Telescopic Conveyors must run whenever you need them to. Taking time out for refurbishment might seem like an inconvenience – not with Caljan.
We arrange the refurbishment schedule with you to avoid peak seasons. Detailed planning and a close dialogue ensure minimal downtime.

Why replace when you can refurbish?

Your Caljan Telescopic Conveyors have run reliably for the past decade or two. Although moving parts are worn, the equipment has more to give. There is no need to replace something that works well.

With Caljan refurbishment, you not only extend the lifetime of your Telescopic Conveyors, you also utilize your resources to their fullest. Rejuvenating is kinder to the environment, and you avoid the lead time for a new model. 


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Minimize expenditure

Refurbishing increases the uptime of your equipment as parts are changed before a repair becomes necessary. Every single Telescopic Conveyor is inspected to determine what has to be done, so Caljan quality can prevail.

Caljan Aftermarket takes care of EVERYTHING. So you can rely on the performance of your Caljan Telescopic Conveyors for many years to come. 


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Caljan – your experienced service partner

Matching expectations, honest consulting and an open dialogue are paramount for refurbishment projects. Having a lot of experience with lifetime extension, Caljan knows why it is important to plan the process in detail and how to refurbish a Telescopic Conveyor as efficiently as possible. 

All Caljan service technicians are extensively trained in safety practices, so they represent no risk whilst on your premises. Our global network of service engineers work together, sharing experiences in the field and honing their skills – giving even the newest recruit more than 50 years accumulated wisdom to draw on.