The principles of our Quality Management System

To deliver a consistently high level of quality, Caljan adheres to seven concrete principles. These principles make up the foundation of our Quality Management System. Following these practices and procedures enables us to fulfill our mission of improving industrial safety, security and productivity worldwide through quality and innovation.

The Quality Management System fulfills the demands of the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Seven principles of enduring quality

Customer focus

We exist only through the consent of our customers, and therefore the customer must always be in focus both in sales as well as in the individual departments – our customers justify our existence.


We want to create unity of purpose and direction through strong leadership. With open and respectful communication, we maintain a creative environment, planting the seeds for future innovation.

Process approach

We want to achieve objectives through risk & opportunity-based thinking. Additionally, we must be willing and ready to adjust to the transitions, which form the basis of creative solutions in the dynamic surroundings under which we work.

Engagement of people

We value and respect our employees and their qualifications as being our primary asset. Therefore, we will attract and maintain qualified employees exercising initiative and commitment in solving the tasks given through targeted planning and continuous training.

Continuous improvement

We want to be proactive. We have no interest in resting on our laurels and will learn from our experience and be open-minded towards our surroundings.

Evidence-based decision-making:

We ensure decisions are based on reliable data. We strive to perform quality work and avoid unnecessary costs by doing the right things first and seek solutions in order to gain a win/win position.

Relationship management

We work worldwide respecting various cultures and standards. We conduct ourselves in a professional and honest way and keep an open communication with our customers, suppliers and other partners.