Caljan Conveyors just keep on running

Investing in quality pays off

It’s a good thing that the aesthetics of our Telescopic Conveyors are on point, because there is a good chance you will be looking at them for years and years.

When properly maintained, Caljan Telescopic Conveyors can last for decades. Some Caljan Telescopics manufactured 30 years ago are still going strong — and who knows how much cargo they have yet to transport.

A more sustainable choice

When the product is good, there is no need for constant renewal. Choosing a Caljan Conveyor means you keep your investment for years. That’s not just good for your economy, it contributes to a conscious use of resources. Because Caljan Telescopic Performer is equipped with a Multi-Connector, you can even retrofit the Conveyor with operator platforms, articulating snoot conveyors, etc. to support your business as it develops. The Telescopic Conveyor easily adapts to your future requirements.

Future-proof your business with Caljan Performer

More about sustainable choices

Up to 30 years old and these conveyors are still going strong. Caljan Telescopics are a highly sustainable investment.

Maintaining your equipment means it lasts longer

Each time service is performed on your conveyor, it adds to the life span of the product. However, not only does regular maintenance keep your equipment running longer, it also prevents it from giving out when you need it most.

Performing as guaranteed through peak periods provides needed peace of mind. That is why Caljan offers you a global service concept to safeguard your investment.