Drop pre-sorting and alignment

Flying Applicator when cargo is varied and placed randomly on the belt

No need to pre-sort.
The unique Flying Applicator from Caljan is able to apply labels to parcels, packages and padded envelopes of different sizes and heights.

No need to align.
The cargo can be placed anywhere on the conveyor belt.

Focused, accurate and swift

Just like the peregrine falcon it was modelled on, the Flying Applicator is focused. With amazing speed it finds the right package, regardless of where it is placed on the belt. No alignment is necessary.

The Applicator tracks the package, moves into position, then swoops down to swiftly apply the label in the predefined position.

Previous barcodes can be covered, or the label can be placed in a vacant spot — whichever is appropriate to the specific package.

Flying Applicator touches down to position the correct label at precise X, Y, Z coordinates.

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Fewer resources, yet higher throughput

Caljan Flying Applicator is typically incorporated into the Print & Apply solution when the inbound process must be swift, as well as accurate. 

Often customers are looking for ways to automate the manual inbound process, saving time and increasing throughput.

Caljan Print & Apply solutions comprise core components that provide the best match between required yield and cargo type.

Functionality is tested at our production facility (FAT) before the equipment is installed and comissioned on-site.

We make sure the new labelling process integrates perfectly with your existing handling process, before handing the project over.

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