Delivery times

Are you living up to customer expectations?

Customer expectations have changed dramatically in just a short period of time. With up to 88% of online shoppers ready to pay more for same-day or FASTER delivery, getting the parcel out today instead of tomorrow could be the difference between winning or loosing a customer. 

Modern consumers are spoiled for choice. They want their shipping free and they want the order now. If you can't deliver on their expectations, they will find a solution elsewhere. That puts a lot of strain on both retailers and parcel carriers to get the orders out on time.

Don’t let the pressure get on top of you. Focus on the steps you can control. Start by optimizing your despatch process. Replacing inefficient work procedures with reliable, automatic processes will save you valuable time by eliminating mistakes AND increasing throughput.  

How to optimize your despatch process

Automation is

Automating central parts of your goods in / goods out process is key to reducing delivery times. Removing the bottleneck from your operation, automation paves way for more efficient and accurate work procedures.

BUT – is automating parts of the setup enough? Or could full automation be the right choice for you? The answer to that question depends entirely on your current situation. To find the best solution for your organization, get in touch with one of our specialists.

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