Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyor

Versatile and future-proof — configured to match your specific application

EASY TO USE: Our engineers have worked closely with external industrial designers to ensure that every aspect of Caljan Performer is ergonomic, incl. low top of belt.

Brilliant lighting is softly dispersed throughout the whole of the work area.

EASY TO OWN: Unique under-guarding along the length of Caljan Performer fully encloses moving part. Moulded fillers around edges prevent pinching. Floor illumination along the length of the conveyor further improves safety.

Caljan Performer can transport any load the operator can lift. 

Unmatched versatility

An enormous range of optional Functions means Caljan Performer can be configured to suit your exact requirements. Numerous sizes are available. The longest reaches easily into the back of a 53 ft trailer — even when placed well back from the door.

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A sustainable investment

Before investing in a Telescopic Conveyor, consider long-term reliability. Caljan Telescopics are thoroughly tested at every stage of the development.

In our experience, the ROI is typically less than two years. 

Caljan Performer features a unique Multi-Connector that makes it virtually future-proof. Your Telescopic Conveyor can be reconfigured at any time — even on-site — so it continues to meet the needs of your business as it develops.

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Built to last

To safeguard your investment, every single Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyor has a 5-year structural warranty — testimony to quality.

Caljan Telescopic Conveyors are exceptionally strong; able to bear their own weight, the cargo they carry AND optional Functions, such as a platform.

The strength of Caljan Telescopic Conveyors is analysed by our development engineers using Finite Element Method (FEM). 

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