Inline application of shipping labels

Individually printed, carrier-specific shipping labels are accurately applied to the right package

Carrier-specific labels are printed and applied as parcels of various heights flow along the conveyor line.

Whether goods are despatched to replenish stocks or to a private address, customer satisfaction depends on label accuracy and legibility.

Even at high speed, the label is accurately matched to the package and firmly applied.

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The ID, length, width, height, and weight of the package are scanned. The label is prepared then automatically applied by the applicator. The match is verified, and the shipment sent on it's way.

SLAM - scan, label, apply, manifest

Zalando is growing explosively, with new hubs being built on a regular basis.
The Caljan systems are transparent and we can access the technology. We get excellent support whenever we need it

Maik Burkart, Technical Manager,
Material Flow at Zalando

Accurate data, expertly applied

To reach the correct destination, shipments must be accurately labelled. To avoid delays in delivery, the label must remain in place throughout the journey AND be legible.

The Caljan Print & Apply technology enables labels to be placed without wrinkles. The adhesive used means the label stays in place, even when applied to an uneven surface.

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