A sustainable investment

— Caljan Performer is virtually future-proof

Future-proof concept

We understand that future flexibility is an important part of your purchase decision. As we develop new Functions, we are mindful of the fact that conveyors already installed may benefit from an upgrade.

The unique, future-proof concept of Caljan Performer makes retrofitting Functions easy. It's even possible to retrofit some Functions on-site.
Contact a Telescopic specialist to hear how the Performer configured to meet your needs today, will continue to fulfill your requirements as your business develops.

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Retrofitting Functions is easy

Every Caljan Performer is equipped with a Multi-Connector. This patented functionality is an integral part of the chassis design. 

Functions that improve the work environment, e.g. lighting and/or heating can be retrofitted on-site.

It is even possible to retrofit operator platforms, articulating snoot conveyors, etc. The Multi-Connector enables these to be securely attached to the front of the Telescopic.

Caljan Performer is prepared for the future.

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