A diverse workforce

We make it easy for everyone — Intuitive design so everyone gets it right

Providing your workers with the right equipment not only helps them stay motivated, it's a great way to show that you appreciate their contribution to the success of your business.

All Caljan products are characterized by an intuitive setup, which makes them easy to operate and easy to maintain. Our Telescopic Conveyors, Automatic Document Handling and Labelling systems are designed to enable you to handle the task swiftly and correctly.

Reduce the effort needed

You don’t have to be a heavyweight champion to move packages and parcels all day. We have a range of solutions that allows you to handle loose-loaded cargo with minimal effort. Why not make it easy for your crew to get on board?


Moving boxes onto a conveyor belt day after day can be exhausting. It doesn't have to be. Moving the belt to the box reduces lifting and unnecessary movement — Belt2Box is quite simply the easiest way to unload loose cargo.

The EXPRESS Snoot optional Function for Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyors uses a unique Belt2Box method. Moving up and down, and from right to left, the conveyor is alongside the operator at all times; Parcels and polybags can be eased onto the belt almost effortlessly. The physical stress unloading entails is reduced significantly.

Nudge buttons and automation moves EXPRESS Snoot to wherever it is needed. 

As with most optional Functions, EXPRESS Snoot can be retrofitted to your existing Caljan Performers. 

Working in your Power Zone

How you move is of the essence when handling heavy cargo on a daily basis. When you move correctly, you can reduce the strain on your body significantly.

Use the strongest part of your body, the Power Zone, when moving parcels and packages. The PowerZone is the area between your shoulders and your knees. Keep items as close to your torso as possible when loading/unloading, to reduce the risk of injury.

Technical aids, such as Caljan Operator Platform or EXPRESS Snoot, provide ideal conditions for working in the PowerZone. By allowing the operator close proximity to the cargo at all times, it is easier to work in an ergonomically sound manner.  

Having problems with recruitment?

Reduce manual work and add value where it's needed

If you find it difficult to recruit, perhaps you can replace a manual process with automation. This enables you to let your people work where a personal touch adds value.

Replacing your manpower-heavy workflows with a more efficient, automatic process can take the pressure off you — and your workforce. Often people resort to cutting corners as important deadline approach, heightening the risk of injury. By optimizing your supply chain through automation, you can increase throughput without compromising your workforce.

Having fewer hands shouldn’t mean working twice as hard.