Efficient unloading with Caljan AutoUnloader

— Just 30 minutes to empty a swap body stacked high with parcels and soft packages

A shortage of labour, coupled with an increase in the volume of swap bodies arriving each day, forced us to explore alternative methods of unloading. We decided to work with external partners to develop an automated solution. Using AutoUnloader to unload containers is extremely efficient and works seamlessly within our logistics centers. The initial joint effort proved successful and therefore we have invested in two additional units for a start. No doubt about it, with the volume of polybags and parcels we handle, this is the way forward for us and hopefully our partners since the network effect really helps drive the business case on all sides.

Felix Slavik,
VP Project Management and Innovation,
Austrian Post

Free up your manpower

Let your logistics employees work where they give most value and leave the strenuous task of unloading to AutoUnloader.

Instead of requiring a team of 2-3 people to unload the trailer or swap body, a single person is able to supervise the whole process. The arduous task of moving the packages into the facility is done by the AutoUnloader. No risk of employees sustaining soft-tissue and repetitive strain injuries.

Loose and palletized cargo at the same door

Using an intuitive interface, the supervisor keys in the required position and Caljan AutoUnloader moves into place. After interlocking with the floor of the swap body or trailer, the equipment locks into place and unloading begins. 

If the door is required for handling pallets or cages, the equipment can easily be moved away from the door to allow access for forklift traffic.

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Getting started

Before investing in an automatic unloading solution, you should consider

  • volume of packages you handle on a daily basis
  • whether your cargo is uniform or a mix of packaging in different shapes and sizes
  • time restrictions — perhaps a short window for unloading, or a cut off time
  • available space
  • manpower availability

Customers report that the ROI on Caljan AutoUnloader is 3-5 years, depending on parcel volume.

If you want to automate both ends of the process, we recommend using Caljan AutoLoader to fill swap bodies.

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