Like many of the logistics and retail companies that we work with, Caljan has a strong focus on minimizing the impact our business has on the environment.

Internally, this is leading towards a responsible, circular business model. As we work with the 17 UN goals for sustainable development, we have become keenly aware that there is a wide disparity between businesses developing to meet the challenges of e-commerce, and communities struggling to provide clean water.

Sponsoring SOLVATTEN became an obvious choice.

Henrik Olesen
CEO, Caljan Group

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All of us rely on clean, hot water in our everyday activities; to cook, to take a bath, to wash our hands, etc. Unfortunately, not all of us have access to it.

For one in eight people, safe, clean water is not available at home. Millions, especially women and children, must walk an excess of miles every day to bring back water and firewood. That not only keeps children from going to school, it also creates a dependency on natural resources with considerable, environmental consequences.

Utlizing the sun, Solvatten® purifies water for safe usage and consumption. Sunlight heats the water swiftly, while UV Rays destroy contaminants and bacteria. Families in need have clean water close at hand, easing the burden placed on women and children and making everyday life easier. It also removes the dependency on natural resources for hot water, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and preventing deforestation.

Solvatten® has already made everyday life easier for more than 400.000 people, in more than 20 countries, through programs and partnerships worldwide.