Cost per parcel

From a logistics viewpoint, your prime concern is meeting tight parcel shipping windows and tracking parcel shipping so you can keep customers informed. A 20% increase in the parcel shipping index (Pitney Bowes) in 2018, indicates this challenge continues to grow.

Can your shipping process be more cost-effective?

Identify weak points

To enhance your parcel shipping process, you must first identify areas that can be improved.
Begin by mapping your current process, then follow the 7 steps.

  1. What parts of the parcel shipping process would benefit from change?
  2. Are there any activities that are unnecessary?
  3. Are there other methods that are more cost-effective, e.g. can activities be automated?
  4. Determine the change you want to make.
  5. Test your idea for weaknesses. Can you identify any drawbacks to the change?
  6. How will the change affect other parts of your business?
  7. The final step is to test. If the test is successful, then implement the change.

Don't get stuck in old routines

Improving the work environment — or automating a complete process — means sorting and shipping can be accelerated. Increasing throughput, without compromising on employee welfare, is often a prime factor when investing in new technology. Caljan concepts, developed to meet specific customer challenges, often become standard products.

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