Caljan Classic Telescopic Conveyor

The quick and easy way to load/unload containers, trucks, trailers and swap bodies

Cut turn-around by 50%

If you are using a team of 3-4 people to unload and load containers and vehicles, a Caljan Classic will save you both time and manpower. Just one person is required to operate the Telescopic Conveyor and the unloading/loading process is twice as fast.

In addition to improving working conditions, our Caljan Classic Telescopic Conveyors make the loading process much faster.

Mantiqueira Alimentos, Brazil

Caljan Classic Telescopic Conveyors are used by parcel carriers and retailers all over the world.

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Built to last

To safeguard your investment, every single Caljan Classic Telescopic Conveyor has a 5-year structural warranty.

Caljan Telescopic Conveyors are exceptionally strong — able to bear their own weight, the cargo they carry AND optional Functions.

The strength of Caljan Telescopic Conveyors is analysed by our development engineers using Finite Element Method (FEM). 

Proto-types are manufactured and tested in situations that reflect the harsh reality of the loading / unloading environment.

The structural warranty is your guarantee of quality.

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When activated, the anti-collision bumper at the front of Caljan Classic retracts the conveyor approx. the width of a hand and then stops conveyor movement. This reduces the risk of personal injury and cargo damage.

Configure Classic with optional Functions, e.g.

Hydraulic elevation

Elevate the whole conveyor at an angle of up to 10°, providing an appropriate working height for the operator.

Raised belt transfer

Used when integrating Caljan Classic in a parcel handling system, the belt smoothly transfers parcels to another belt.

Articulating front belt

This special section, mounted at the front of Caljan Classic, is used to ergonomically reach up to parcels at height and down to parcels at floor level.