Automating the despatch process

Take the pressure off your workforce by automating central parts of the despatch process.
Flow is optimized. Injuries and accidents are minimized.

Automate the goods delivery note

The only way to make this process efficient is to automate it. Printing, folding, and applying paperwork automatically as part of your despatch process, not only cuts costs — it gives you a much higher degree of accuracy.

Whether the box contains goods for replenishing store stock, or an e-commerce order to be collected at the store, placing the delivery note on the outside of the box means the goods are quickly identified and passed on as appropriate.

Handling print and placement of the delivery note automatically speeds up the process too.

Automatic document handling

Automatic loading

Caljan AutoLoader gets you through the door for more reliable completion times.

Once automatic loading commences, the procedure requires minimum attention from your operators. That means you can load continuously throughout the course of the day without putting pressure on your workforce.

Throughput is optimized. Transport between links in the logistics chain is predictable. Meeting tight delivery windows is far easier. 

Automatic loading

Automate the routing process
— a unique solution for every organization

By making routing more efficient you will be able to handle larger volumes without worrying about the bottom line. Take automation to the door and cut costs on every package. Reduce delivery times by optimizing last mile logistics at depot level.

Whatever the challenge, we help you find the right solution.

Intralogistics solutions

Optimize labelling

Rapidly despatching thousands of items every day demands reliable equipment. We make it easy for you and your team by putting together a solution that meets the requirements of your business exactly.

After the factory acceptance test, our service technicians install on-site, integrating the labelling system into your conveyor line. We take care of all interfaces and make sure the specified throughput is reached.

Individual labelling systems