Caljan Print & pouch

Handling packing slips and other paperwork manually takes time. Often this part of the shipping process becomes a bottleneck when volumes of packages increase. Using automation to process the paperwork is the answer. Up to five pages are printed, folded, and positioned in just 6 seconds. 

The fast, flexible, & accurate way to handle documents

When volumes increase, handling shipping notes often becomes a bottleneck.

Don't disappoint your customers.

Print documents as part of your process, using accurate, up-to-date data.

Caljan Print & Pouch can be used to attach documents to pallets as well as boxes.

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Accuracy check before application

The shipment ID is scanned, the system is notified, and the appropriate packing slip is printed.

As the print is instantaneous, the text in the packing slip can be amended right up to the last minute. Changes to the order are reflected accurately. No time is wasted finding and replacing a pre-printed packing slip.

Placed at precise X, Y coordinates

The pages are neatly folded to A6 size. They are then positioned at precise X, Y coordinates on the top of the parcel.

An address label is printed, validated against the shipment, and neatly applied over the packing slip. This seals in the documents creating a perfect pouch.

Up to 600 an hour, every day, every week

Before leaving our production plant, the functionality of every Caljan Print & Pouch system is tested. Experienced Caljan technicians integrate the solution with existing conveyors. We take care of everything from concept to completion.

We guarantee that we match the specified throughput.