A perfect match

Caljan Performer is configured to suit your exact requirements

Caljan Performer is highly configurable. Multiple optional Functions can be combined, so you get a Telescopic Conveyor that matches your specific application perfectly.

Working at height

Working within the PowerZone, the operator (1 or 2) standing on the Operator Platform is raised/lowered together with the Telescopic Conveyor. Loading and unloading becomes much easier.

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Improve ergonomics

Fitting a Droop Snoot articulating conveyor means parcels at floor level can be eased onto the belt with little effort. An incline of up to 30° allows parcels at height to be unloaded easily too.

See Droop Snoot details

Increase throughput

Express Snoot is designed to provide a more effective workflow. Pivoting automatically in all directions, operation is hands free. More effective and more ergonomic.

See Express Snoot details

Automatic loading

Parcels, polybags and packages are loaded automatically when Caljan Performer is configured with AutoLoader.

See AutoLoader details

Optimal operation

Deploy equipment — and employees — efficiently; Monitor extendability status, hours of operation etc. in a 4" interactive touch screen. Data can be transferred to a computer for analysis.

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Smooth integration

A range of hoods and tail conveyors move parcels and packages smoothly on to the next conveyor in your handling/sortation system.

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Dual purpose doors

Handle pallets and loose-loaded cargo at the same door. Mounted on castors or rails, Caljan Performer can easily be moved to one side. This Function also enables Performer to be used at multiple doors. 

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Unloading & loading

Reversible functionality means Caljan Performer can be used to both unload and load. Fitting a Store/Feed function allows parcels to accumulate, so a single operator can monitor several Telescopic Conveyors.

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