Accurately identify inbound cargo

Individual labels are applied automatically in whatever position is required

Identify and label goods as they arrive at goods in, matching each item automatically to the order.
Register identification, dimension, and weight during the labelling process.

Focus on flexibility

Individual labels are printed and placed exactly where you want them.

The label(s) can be

  • applied to the top of a parcel.
  • wrapped around the edge of a box or container.
  • applied to the front or rear edge of the box/container.
  • applied to the side-panel on stationary or moving boxes/containers.

Using gap recognition technology, all Caljan Print & Apply systems flow smoothly and continuously. 

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We provide a complete solution

Different core Caljan components are used to provide the best match between required yield and box/container type.

After testing functionality at our production facility, we install and commission on-site, ensuring full integration with your existing handling process.

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