AutoLoader — the most efficient way to load

Switch to automation and meet every single shipping window.

Load trailers and swap bodies at sustainable high speeds.

Fill trailers and containers whenever you need to. Parcels and packages are evenly distributed, giving you a fill rate of up to 80%.

No pressure

Moving thousands of items into a truck or container is  physically demanding. With minimal supervision, Caljan AutoLoader works diligently 24/7, loading your loose cargo automatically.

With a continuous feed, completion times are predictable. Transport between shipper facilities and collection hubs can be more frequent. Short collection and delivery windows can be observed. Tight delivery times can be achieved.

Unloading at the opposite end? Caljan AutoUnloader handles this task swiftly and easily.

No risk

AutoLoader detects the presence of parcels, packages and polybags already loaded and moves away — either upwards or to one side — before gently depositing the next item.

A safety light barrier immediately stops all movement, if a person breaches the safety boundary surrounding the equipment.

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The results have been astounding. In addition to the obvious benefit of using less manpower to load trucks, we have discovered that having a stock of cages is actually very expensive. The biggest benefit though is being able to fill trailers 100%. Instead of shipping air, transport is now more efficient — with fewer trucks on the road, which is good for the environment too.

We wanted a solution that would run continuously, and saving space was important for us. Caljan AutoLoader is really good. A thorough study at the start of the project means the result is well thought out in relation to our operations.

- Mr. Souillé, Safety and Sustainability Manager at Damart, France

Caljan AutoLoader can be combined with any Caljan Performer

AutoLoader is not only fast, it's flexible. Fitted to any Performer Telescopic Conveyor, Caljan AutoLoader can be used to fill the longest trailers and swap bodies available today. If you are short on space, we recommend a Performer Telescopic Conveyor with a shorter base section. With 3, 4 or even 5 extending sections, you can get exactly the reach you are looking for. 

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