Automating the loading process

Non-stop loading 24/7

Get rid of the bottleneck for competitive delivery times

Waiting times are a true deal breaker for the modern consumer. Failing to deliver on expectations may well seal your fate on a market spoiled for choice.
Removing potential setbacks during the dispatch process makes it easier for you to meet restricted windows. Automating the loading process helps your company get parcels and polybags through the door on time.
No manpower means no downtime. Just press the start button and let the AutoLoader take care of the rest.

High speed

— with NO damage to cargo

Sensors keep track of the cargo on the belt AND the cargo in the truck or trailer. The conveyor locates a vacant spot, then gently deposits packages and parcels from a height of 20 cm (7.8") or less. 

Cargo already loaded is not crushed. Cargo being loaded is deposited with care.

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Covering all the gaps

When the AutoLoader is set into motion, it starts at the bottom of the vehicle, filling the truck/trailer from the floor up. Moving from side to side, the wedge-shaped base of the conveyor softly pushes packages and parcels aside to prevent pile-ups.

Items are distributed evenly to diminish gaps between the loaded cargo. Layer upon layer, all items are moved into the trailer at high speed until every corner of the trailer has been filled.

Filling the trailer with this level of efficiency makes sure all items leave the hub on time, reaching your customers without delay.

Fill factor = 80%

Smooth the way for polybags

While there are many cost benefits to using polybags for shipping goods, their slippery surface can easily slow down the loading process. With Automatic loading, all types of cargo are handled simultaneously, mixing effortlessly as they are distributed in the truck or trailer. The intelligent sensors of the AutoLoader make sure items are placed rather than dropped, keeping the cargo safe through all parts of the process.

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