Caljan Print & Place

Place pick lists, delivery notes, etc. automatically inside tote or parcel

Integrate Print & Place in your conveyor flow to handle documents speedily and accurately – and be sure your customers get the correct documents with their consignment.

An in-line part of the conveyor process, Print & Place automatically prints the correct pick lists, delivery notes, invoices, remittance orders, etc. as the consignment approaches. The documents are collected and swiftly placed in the appropriate box or container as it passes along the conveyor.

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Accuracy combined with flexibility

This automatic document handling system can be used with containers of varying heights. Barcode validation ensures that the documents are placed in the correct container.

Caljan Print & Place can be configured with a chute or grip assembly, depending on your requirements. Pneumatic operation ensures the document(s) are gently deposited in the container.

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Accurate, even with high volumes

As the consignment approaches Print & Place, the identity is verified and the relevant documents are printed. All documents are gathered and accurately deposited in the appropriate container.  

If the volume of consignments is high, multiple printers can be incorporated into the solution – all as an integral part of the in-line order handling process.

No risk — guaranteed throughput

From the initial contact, through engineering, production, and commissioning, Caljan takes care of all aspects of your project.

We are so confident in our ability to deliver an automatic document handling system that matches your expectations that we guarantee the specified throughput.