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Individual labels that stay in place throughout

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Flying Applicator tracks the item to be labelled as it moves rapidly along the conveyor. Padded envelopes, cardboard boxes or even soft packages, placed in random positions along the belt.

Once printed the label is applied at precise X, Y, Z coordinates. This individual sweetspot can be over an existing label, or in a vacant spot.

Once the sweet spot is identified, the applicator angle adjusts automatically to suit how the package is positioned on the conveyor belt. 

The contours of the surface are scanned, so the label can be firmly affixed — even to soft, uneven surfaces. In the flash of an eye, Flying Applicator touches down and the label is applied.

Ready to fly whenever you need it

Standard configuration comprises 2 printer modules. This means the Flying Applicator prints and applies labels continuously in a non-stop 24/7 operation.

When a supply runs out, the back-up printer becomes active automatically. As downtime to change consumables is avoided, a Print & Apply Solution that incorporates Flying Applicator can easily handle a throughput of 3,000 items per hour.

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Labels stay in place throughout

To reach the correct destination, shipments must be accurately labelled. To avoid delays in delivery, the label must remain in place throughout the journey AND be legible.

The Flying Applicator actually touches down lightly on the surface of the parcel, package, padded envelope etc.

Your team will not be tempted to press the label to make sure it is sticking evenly, they can be confident that manual intervention is not required.

The label will stay in place until the recipient tears open the package.

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