Individual labels firmly and accurately applied

... to rounded shapes, uneven surfaces etc.

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Caljan has decades of experience with Print & Apply solutions. Individual labels are printed and applied to rounded and uneven surfaces in motion.

Every solution is developed to help you increase throughput. Customers tell us that their ROI typically lies between one and two years.

Caljan provides a COMPLETE solution. After testing the solution at our production facilities, we install and commision on-site. We take full responsibility, leaving NO loose ends.

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Print & Apply: Tubes

Individual labels are printed then firmly applied to the rounded surface of the tube. Ideal for identification purposes in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Print & Apply: Barrels

Large, individual labels are firmly applied to the surface of the barrel or drum. Typically used to identify the contents or to provide shipping details.

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Print & Apply: Garments

Individual ID or shipping labels are applied as the garment moves along an overhead conveyor. Despite the lack of resistance, the label adheres firmly to the protective covering. 

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