Working at Caljan — UK

Our employees are our most important asset

Every touch point with a customer is an opportunity to impress — or disappoint. We are keenly aware that every member of staff plays a significant role in how we are perceived as a company. At Caljan we respect the individual. Employees are encouraged to grow and take responsibility. Everyone is aware of their purpose and how they fit into the team. We are determined to meet customer expectations. By empowering employees, it is often possible to move the bar even higher, going beyond what is expected.

Milton Keynes

Management, accounts, QHSE, project management, service coordination, the help desk, and other technicians are located at Patriot Drive near the Rooksley roundabout in Milton Keynes. 

Milton Keynes is approx 1 hour by train from London, and easily accessible from the M1.

The office at Milton Keynes is dynamic, with sales and service — and customers — dropping in from time to time.

Training Academy

Caljan has always trained staff to meet industry requirements. With the inauguration of The Caljan UK Training Academy in December 2021, we have elevated our program. Investing in our people isn’t just about expanding their skill-set so they can do their day jobs better, we want to provide personal development too.

In the field

There are two roles that call for specialists located in different parts of the UK. 

Meeting with customers every day, the sales team have an in-depth understanding of the complexities of logistics operations. They are relentless in sparring, both internally and externally, until exactly the right solution is found. 

The UK service organisation is very comprehensive — both with regards to skills and location. Some of our service specialists are even permanent 'residents' within a customer's organisation. Service technicians typically work in small groups under the leadership of a supervisor.

Located strategically throughout the UK, Caljan service technicians are able to respond to a customer request within 2 hours, 24/7. 


No vacancies?

If there are no vacancies — or these do not match your qualifications — please send a short resumé and a covering note describing your career aspirations to our HR-department.

Contact HR